Unlock iPhone Operation Video 

GOGUO V20 Perfect Unlock iPhone 7 GSM 4G
Select LTE 4G+ Unlock mode, and another set any can. Just wait for activation. Work good in All iphone and All iOS.

Unlock iPhone 6SP CDMA 4G video
First,Use sim plug in iPhone,and wait for show signal, Second use sim and GOGUO unlock card plug in iPhone

 In LTE 4G+ unlock mode, If Unlock CDMA have some bug,
You can Dial *5005*7672*0# set to CDMA LTE 4G unlock mode.
step by step operate as follow:
1. Use Quick unlock mode regain the iPhone default carrier.
2.Go to setting--Phone--SIM Application set to CDMA LTE 4G unlock mode, restart.
GOGUO Unlock card is very easy to use, Plug and Play, Some times need not to use Operate instructions.But if you want to know more,Please Click next picture. 

How to use GOGUO?

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 No jailbreak iPhone Operation 

img GOGUO v18 All in One
Settings--Phone--SIM Applications will show this.
1. Carriers Mode mean set iPhone unlock again
2. Hide Mode table mean Lock setting, When change a SIM, Will not show setting Table again.
3. WWW.GOGUO.CN Help web.
4. Regain Signal mean when 4G SIM card lost signal, Pres here, Will get signal again, When show activate, do not care of.

img Operation 1ˇ·ˇ·
Frist,inserted the SIM into iPhone,Only SIM,Need not GOGUO CARD.and wait for show signal as pictrue.

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 2
Active iPhone,and will show this,do not care of,take out the SIM.

img Operation 3ˇ·ˇ·
Inserted GOGUO Unlock card with SIM,If OK,Will show this.Press OK.

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 4
Check your iPhone carriers, and select in this menu,if do not know the carrier,use your iphone serial number check it in the internet.or,you can use your iPhone activate SIM and select (READ ID) Or (input ID) type the 7 digital into it. the 7 digital code find in our web site(Carriers)

img Operation 5ˇ·ˇ·
Select the iPhone mode you using.

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 6
Note,This very important.Because have more carriers of iPhone in the world,Then different iPhone,and the Unlock mode is different.According our tested,and work good, jappanese iphone 6s use (4G GSM SIM)and (Quick Unlock GSM).USA iPhone use (Unlock more GSM).All the mean,if can not unlock in one unlock mode,go to iPhone -- phone --SIM Application to select another Unlock mode. and restart iPhone

img Operation 7ˇ·ˇ·
Setup complete,Press OK,Restart iPhone and wait for Signal, wait time will be 1min to 5min.

How to install NetWorks Patch?

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 Jailbreak iPhone and install patch Operation 

 Cydia Source: apt.goguo.cn 

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 1
Press Cydia logo in the screen of iPhone.

img Operation 2ˇ·ˇ·
Press Source as in software bottom.

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 3
Press Edit in top right.

img Operation 4ˇ·ˇ·
Press Add in top left..

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 5
Type apt.goguo.cn in it.

img Operation 6ˇ·ˇ·
Press Return to Cydia

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 7
In main screen will show GOGUO source, and in GOGUO source have more Patch for unlock your iPhone.You can install one that fit for your iPhone.

img Operation 8ˇ·ˇ·
Just as,if youe iPhone can work in CDMA,And your iPhone systen version is iOS9, then you can choose the iOS9 CDMA NETWORKS. As this.

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 9
Now choose iOS9 iPhone6SP/6S CDMA 4G

img Operation 10ˇ·ˇ·
Press top right install.

img ˇ¶ˇ¶Operation 11
Confirm it in top right

img Operation 12ˇ·ˇ·
Setup complete,Press Reboot Device ,Restart iPhone and wait for Signal, wait time will be 1min to 5min.