1、How to use Select Unlock Mode?

img 1、"Unlock more GSM(5S/6") This mode work good in USA iPhone, Just as Sprint, verizon, T-Mobile, Jappanese iPhone work good too. fit to 5s and 6 and 6s.This mode must wait for iPhone get signal and carrier name, Then restart iPhone, Then ok.
2、"Quick unlock GSM(i5/6)" This mode work good in Jappanese iPhone. for Good in i5, i6, i6s.
3、"Unlock CDMA FDD 4G" This mode work good in all CDMA iPhone. see unlock video in Unlock iPhone 6SP CDMA 4G video.
4、This mode work good in some iPhone 6s. Just as AU, DOCOMO, SOFTBANK. See video in Unlock iPhone 6SP GSM 4G video

2、Why so hard to get signal?

img 1、First plug SIM in iPhone, When show signal in top left, take out and plug sim with GOGUO,that is easy to get signal.
2、Jailbreak iPhone if can do. And in Cydia add apt.goguo.cn source. And install patch.
3、Some 4G SIM card in some iPhone is hard to get signal. wait for update.

3、How to show carrier table again?

img img1、If want to select carrier again, change a SIM, And plug in iPhone with GOGUO again.
2、In GOGUO V18,in activate iPhone screen, press home 3 second and show call pad. Can call *5005*7672*0# show carrier table again.

4、Can not send text messages(SMS)?

This is because the message center code is set incorrectly or not set! Message center code will be different according to each operators and regions, please contact your carrier customer service telephone consultation!
Check status: * # 5005 * 7672 #
Set number: * 5005 * 7672 * SMS center number #
Remove a number: # # 5005 * 7672 #

6、How to Lock setting in GOGUO?

img In iPhone--Setting--Phone--SIM Application--GOGUO--Activate Hide mode table* , When change a SIM card, Will not show setting table again. If want show again, Use the have lock carrier iPhone cancel as Hide mode table. Or in GOGUO V18,in any time, Call *5005*7672*0# show carrier table again. (ONLY GOGUO V18 OR LATER VERSION CAN DO THIS)

7、When lost signal in 4G,How to do?

img In iPhone--Setting--Phone--SIM Application--GOGUO--Regain signal only for 4G, When press, Do not do any thing,Only wait for iPhone reshow activate and regain signal.

8、How to unlock iPhone in 2G sim?

img In iPhone--Setting--Phone--SIM Application--GOGUO--in Select unlock mode, must use Quick Unlock GSM.